Biblical Counseling - Level 2


Crossway Church offers certification in Biblical Counseling with the Institute of Biblical Care and Discipleship (IBCD). The IBCD Care & Discipleship Certification is a 3-level course designed to train individual and churches in developing one another care in the life of the congregation. Each of the three levels can be audited or completed with the required paperwork and payment to receive certification from IBCD.

Biblical Counseling Certification Course: IBCD Level 2


  • Date: Mar 18 - Jul 22 (excluding Easter)
  • Time: Sundays 8-9:45am
  • Location: Upstairs classroom

Course description – Level 2 continues with a wealth of practical wisdom for helping people seek true gospel change in the areas of marriage and family, parenting and biblical decision-making. It also explores the interplay of body and soul in relation to medicine and mental disorders.

Anyone with a heart for discipleship or leadership will find these materials a valuable tool.

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