Philippines Disaster Relief

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Pray_For_The_Philippines_wide_tA massive typhoon hit the Philippines, causing enormous amounts of damage. According to CBS News, "Authorities said at least 2 million people in 41 provinces had been affected by Friday's disaster and at least 23,000 houses had been damaged or destroyed. Large areas along the coast had been transformed into twisted piles of debris, blocking roads and trapping decomposing bodies underneath. Ships were tossed inland, cars and trucks swept out to sea and bridges and ports washed away."

Sovereign Grace has had a long and fruitful partnership with Nilo Ebo and Pete Valdez, both of whom are pastors in the Philippines. Nilo attended the Sovereign Grace Pastor's College in 2011-2012. Tony Walsh and Lynn Baird have traveled to the Philippines many times to minister. Just a few weeks ago Bob Kauflin and a team of folks traveled to the Philippines to lead a worship conference.

We have been in close communication with both Nilo and Pete over the past several days, asking how we might pray for them and help them. Pete emailed us and said:

Entire Bohol have no water and power. Water is dependent on electricity. We heard that it will take four days or more before it will be back. We will run out drinking water. Heavy rain made many areas unpassable and many dangerous landslides.

We came home from giving relief last Monday meeting heavy rains and lightning and the bridge we passed collapsed after 30 minutes. Matthew's vehicle was almost washed away by the current with our children in. We are dependent on Leyte for power which was badly hit.

Would you please allocate help for a generator and for basics. There are a lots of people needing blankets, mosquito nets, food is still in demand and water, I have posted photos in Facebook for our trips.

I visited and gave relief for the Bajaos this morning because they have no food, no water and they were almost in peril during the typhoon. They have no jobs because it's dangerous to catch fish now.

So many are calling for help from different towns and barangay. All of these are by God's grace opportunities to exalt the gospel and serve. For now I need to look over my family because of the typhoon then we will resume to dist

ribute as God provides and as roads are passable.

Thanks for all your care and help and prayers!


Nilo emailed us and said:

The typhoon that hit us was the strongest in the world this year, 330 kph. It battered the churches in Leyte, Masbate, Tuburan, and Bonbon. I believe it also caused great damaged to the churches in Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Bukidnon and the rest there. Communication is not possible since cell sights were shattered, and no electrical power yet in these places.

The northern part of Cebu was directly hit by super strong typhoon code name "yolanda." But it affected us here also, with trees uprooted, housed demolished, roofs of certain houses ripped apart, landslides, blocking roads, making it impassable for commuters, and flooding in some areas. and knocking down electrical post. But Thank God it's over!

Church members here had to evacuate to safer grounds, there houses made of light materials have been demolished by the strong winds. We still don't have electrical power here, although in some areas in the city power has been restored. I want to visit church members and give whatever help I can provide. These people need water and relief goods. I also want to visit the churches in the provinces to distribute goods from donors to the pastors and their families.

Thank you for your prayers! We will appreciate whatever help or assistance you can extend. Do continue to keep us in your prayer.


Please be praying for Pete, Nilo, and the Philippines. The recovery and relief effort there is massive. Pete, Nilo, and the other Christians on the islands have many opportunities to serve those affected by the typhoon.

Our church in Pasadena is spearheading an effort to collect money for relief. Would you consider giving to the effort? Donations can be sent to Sovereign Grace Church, Pasadena, via their online giving (marked Disaster Relief).


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