Sola Spring Cookout

April 13, 2015 | by: Alyssa Hull | 0 comments

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Springtime is HERE (Hallelujah!!) To celebrate, let’s get together with a lot of food!

Our Sola meeting (for singles, ages 18-30) is going to be at Muddy Run park, instead of the church, STARTING AT 3PM.

Three things to bring:

  • Food. This will be a pot-luck, so please bring something amazing to eat and share with others - (some examples: potato salad, chips, desserts) - AS WELL AS a favorite drink.FYI - Hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls, condiments and paper goods will be supplied.
  • Friends. Bring a friend along. This will be a perfect opportunity to bring some new folks.
  • Frisbees (or any other game/activity) - there will be all kinds of games to be played together, just bring them!

Our sister, Danay Hershey is graciously heading up the food service part of our time together. She’ll be directing volunteers for grilling, arranging/serving food. Please contact her with any/all questions: If you’re willing and able, please pitch in to help her out.

For more information about Muddy Run park:

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