Men's Discipleship

MensDiscipleshipWebAs men, we need to grow.  We must grow.  Our wives, children, and the church depend on our faith and commitment to grow.  So much of Christian growth comes from taking the time to gather and intentionally focus on God’s Word.

The Men’s Discipleship Course is an opportunity for likeminded men to gather.  This 9-month course will help you grow in your love for God, in your understanding of the Bible, and in your faith to fill the roles that God has given to you as a man.

We meet twice a month on Saturday mornings (7:30-9:30am) from October through May.  All men, 18 and up are invited, and their wives are included.

The course is designed for all men of Crossway (18 and up) and their wives. It is a first step into service and ministry at Crossway.

For the wives of Men's Discipleship Course: your involvement will include participation in the women's bible study, "Women By Design", hosted by Grace Privitera on many Tuesday nights with the other wives.  Stay tuned for more details!