Our Pastors

The pastors of Crossway Church consider it a great privilege to be able to care for and to lead this church. Below you will find a brief biography for each man. Though not exhaustive, we hope that this list gives you some idea of who we are, of how we are structured and of who you might turn to with appropriate questions.

Peter Privitera

pete bw

Peter serves as our senior pastor.

He graduated from the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastors College in 2003, and came on staff as our senior pastor in April 2004. He has over 20 years of pastoral experience and holds a B.A. in Bible & Missions from Central Bible College in Springfield, MO. Peter lives in Lancaster with his wife, Grace, and their 5 daughters.

Bill Haughery

bill bw

A founding member of Crossway Church, Bill moved his family up to Lancaster from the Washington, D.C. area. Bill holds a B.A. in Sociology from Mount Saint Mary's College. He joined our staff in 1990 and graduated from the predecessor to the Pastors College (the PDI School of Ministry) in 1991. Bill serves as head of our Caregroup and counseling ministries. Currently, Bill is pursuing his M.A. in Biblical Counseling at Westminister Theological Seminary. Bill lives in Lancaster with his wife, Cynthia. They have five adult sons and twelve grandchildren.

Doug Plank

doug bw

Doug also graduated from the Pastors College in 2003, and came on staff that June. Doug is a 1999 graduate of Millersville University with a B.S.E. in Elementary Education/Special Education. A gifted songwriter, Doug leads our worship team, as well as heading our young adults (Sola) and singles ministries. Doug lives in Millersville with his wife, Brenda, and their five children.

Kurt Weaver

kurt bw

Kurt graduated from the Pastors College in 2006, and joined our staff that June. Since that time, Kurt has taken over our parent/youth ministry (doxa), evangelism and outreach, served as our Sunday meeting administrator, and headed up our media development. Prior to the Pastors College, Kurt worked for WJTL radio and Creation Concerts for 10 years. Kurt holds a B.S. in Bible from Lancaster Bible College. He lives in the Lampeter area with his wife, Barbara, and their six children.

Steve Heitland

steve bw

Steve is a 2008 graduate of the Pastors College. Since joining our staff, Steve has served as our administrator, as well as leading our childrens mininstry (entrust) and other areas. Steve will graduate with an M.A.R. degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in May 2016. He lives in rural Willow Street with his wife, Lori, and their five children.