Biblical Counseling Training

Biblical Counseling Training (IBCD Level 1)

  • The Institute for Biblical Care and Discipleship ( offers a video training course entitled the Care & Discipleship Course. It is designed as an entry-level biblical counseling program. Through the course, participants can expect to learn basic methodology and fundamentals of biblical counseling, as well as biblical strategies for dealing with common difficulties, like anxiety, depression, marriage conflicts, and more. The course is also approved as an ACBC Fundamentals Training Course and can be used to fulfill the requirements for ACBC certification (

    We will be offering the Level 1 training course, which teaches people how the sufficiency of Scripture shapes the way we view all of life’s struggles. It begins by laying the foundation of general principles involved in biblical counseling and then applies these principles to situations involving anger, conflict, depression, fear, worry, temptation, and trial.

    These materials will help believers learn to handle common issues of sin and sanctification in a biblical way.

    Classes will be held on Tuesday nights at 7pm from January 25 - March 15 2022.
    You can purchase a hard copy of the Level 1 handbook in our bookstore, or a digital copy online.
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