Building Fund Giving Goals

Benefiting from Our Meeting House

For thirty years we rented various spaces to meet. Finally, in 2012, we occupied our own facility. Our
meeting house is designed and reserved for all our purposes as a church. It serves us and our mission well. We thank God for it.

Meeting Our Commitments

We are still in the early years of paying for our building. As such, it is one of our greatest expenses as a church family. This will not always be the case. The day will come when the mortgage is paid off and well behind us. In the meantime, we want to be certain that we are entirely reliable in servicing our loan.

Retiring Debt More Quickly

Beyond making our payments, we are working to accelerate our rate of payback. Paying our loan back quickly has several benefits. First, it means we pay far less interest overall. Second, it increases what we can direct toward mission and other needs of the church. Third, accelerated payback strengthens our relationship with our lending bank. And fourth, it gives us greater financial flexibility for opportunities that arise.

Working Together

The usefulness of our facility combined with the responsibility of paying for it compels us to work together to retire this debt. To this end, every September, we ask for each member to set a giving goal toward the building fund above their tithe. The sum of the members’ goals is a tangible expression of our unity in mission and encourages all of us to trust the Lord to provide.

Building Fund Giving Goals 2022-2023

From September 2022 to August 2023, I/we prayerfully commit in faith to give the following amount over and above my/our regular giving:

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