2020-21 CALENDAR

Sphere meetings are in the home of your sphere pastor, at 7 pm.
All other meetings are at the church building.

September 2020

5th Sat Teaching and Discussion, 9am-12pm
Thinking Biblically About Race and Justice

27th Sun Consolidated Leaders Meeting, after church

October 2020

1st Thu Heitland 2 & Plank 2

4th Sun Heitland 1 & Plank 1

7th Wed ACCG

November 2020
1st Sun Heitland 1 & Plank 1

5th Thu Heitland 2 & Plank 2

December 2020

4th Fri Leaders’ Dinner, 6 pm

No Sphere meetings this month

January 2021
3rd Sun Heitland 1 & Plank 1

7th Thu Heitland 2 & Plank 2

24th Sun Consolidated Leaders Meeting

February 2021
3rd Wed All-church Caregroup

7th Sun Heitland 1 & 2 men with Pete & Steve

21st Sun Plank 1 & 2 men with Pete & Doug

March 2021

4th Thu Heitland 2 & Plank 2

7th Sun Heitland 1 & Plank 1

26-27 Fri-Sat Retreat (at the church)
The Gospel in Caregroup Leadership

April 2021

No Sphere meetings due to the retreat at the end of March

May 2021

1st Sat Heitland 1 & Plank 1 (**moved for Shape n Race**)

13th Thu Heitland 2 & Plank 2

23rd Sun Consolidated Leaders Meeting (moved for Memorial Day)

June 2021
2nd Wed All-church Caregroup

12th Sat Heitland Sphere Picnic

12th Sat Plank Sphere Picnic

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Articles & Other Resources


Anger at God by David Powlison

Anger in Action by David Powlison

Anxiety, Anger and Escapism by David Powlison

Helping the Parents of an Angry Child by Mike Emlet and David Powlison


Don’t Worry by David Powlison


Depression by Ed Welch


A Fresh Look at Idols of the Heart by David Powlison 

Idols of the Heart by David Powlison


The Constructive Displeasure of Mercy by David Powlison

Desire by Paul Tripp

Help for the Caregiver by Micheal Emlet

Innocent Pleasures by David Powlison

The Poison of Self Pity by William Farley

Self Injury by Ed Welch

Something Worth Meeting For – A Biblical Vision for Small Groups by Steve Midgley