Sunday, August 14th

Today we rejoice with Aaron and Greta Heitland as they make a public confession of faith by entering the waters of baptism.

Entrust Children’s Ministry
Children, ages 1—grade 4 are invited to participate in Entrust Children’s Ministry. Parents should utilize the kiosks prior to the service, then take their children to class at the conclusion of worship. Guests should visit the Welcome Center in the lobby to check-in. 

Cheesesteak Sunday
Our annual Cheesesteak Sunday event will take place on Sunday, September 11th. We will be holding our Sunday 10am service outside in the amphitheater, followed by a free cheesesteak meal. This will be a great time of fellowship, so please invite friends and family to this event.

IBCD Level 2
We will be offering the IBCD Level 2 training course starting on September 13th. The course runs for 14 weeks and builds on the foundation laid in Level 1. Level 2 focuses specifically on biblical views of marriage and parenting and how to deal with common problems in these areas. The intricacies of the mind/body issues in biblical counseling are also explored, especially in regard to the use of psychotropic drugs. Registration for this class is now open online and the workbook is available in our bookstore.

Father/Son Campout
Dads and their sons ages 4-12 are invited to join us for our annual Father/Son Campout on September 23-24th. Registration is now open! Up-to-date clearances are required of all fathers who will be attending this event.

Gospel-Powered Parenting Seminar
This seminar will be held on October 8th from 9am-2pm and includes a Chick-fil-A lunch. Invite friends and family and come to see how the gospel helps us to parent faithfully. For more information or to register, please visit our registration page.

Entrust Volunteers
We are seeking volunteers to help with Entrust for the 2022-23 year. By way of reminder to parents, if you are a member and have Entrust-aged children, we ask that both parents serve in Entrust. Go online to see the opportunities and to sign-up.

Sunday Livestream
Our Sunday Livestream registration form is made available for those who can’t attend our Sunday meeting in-person. A new link is generated each week, so use this form each time you need it. To sign up, select “Sunday Livestream” on our registration page.

SOLA is our Young Adult Ministry for ages 18-30, led by Josh Donaldson. For more information go here, or contact Josh at sola@crosswaypa.org.


Weekly Summary:

  • General Fund: $25,905.44
  • Building Fund: $2,612.06
  • Attendance: 527


This Week’s Events

  • Men’s Prayer Millersville (at the Church), Friday, August 19, 5:30am
  • Men’s Prayer East Petersburg (at Family Fare Restaurant), August 19, 6:00am
  • Explore, Sunday, August 21, 8:30am
  • Women’s Prayer, Sunday, August 21, 9:30am