SOLA is for young adults, ages 18-30. We gather twice a month to study God’s word, to fellowship and to encourage one another.

Sola is the Latin word for alone, and it was the cry at the heart of the Protestant Reformation. As the Reformers studied and applied God’s Word, they developed 5 slogans that summarized their differences from Rome:

Sola Fide (Faith alone),
Sola Gratia (Grace alone)
Solus Christus (Christ alone)
Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone)
Soli Deo Gloria (to God alone be the glory)

These 5 “alones” of the Reformation are some of the most foundational aspects of the Christian’s life, and they help us to understand the grace of God that he extends to us in the gospel.

Upcoming Events:

We meet at Crossway Church
330 Barbara Street Millersville, PA 17551
All meetings are held at Crossway after the Sunday Service unless another location/time is specified


  • March 12th Meeting after Sunday Service
  • March 26th Meeting after Sunday Service
  • April 16th Meeting after Sunday Service
  • April 28-30th SOLA Spring Retreat
  • May 7th Meeting after Sunday Service
  • May 21st Meeting after Sunday Service
  • June 11th Meeting after Sunday Service
  • June 25th Meeting after Sunday Service
  • July 9th Meeting after Sunday Service
  • July 23rd SOLA Summer Cookout after Sunday Service @ Crossway
SOLA Messages
2022 Spring Retreat: A Holy Pursuit
2021 Spring Retreat: Identity

Session 1 – Pete Privitera
Session 2 – Gordon Pawson
Session 3 – Doug Plank

Josh Donaldson

Director of Young Adult Ministry (SOLA)

Josh has been married to his wife, Michelle, for 4 years. They are the proud parents of a newborn son. Josh and Michelle have been members of Crossway for 5 years. Since 2017, they have been instrumental in serving the young adults of Crossway through Josh’s role as the Director of SOLA. Josh has been in the financial industry for 9 years and currently works for Wells Fargo as financial advisor.

For more information about SOLA, contact Josh Donaldson at

Anthony Brubaker

Assistant Director of Young Adult Ministry (SOLA)

Anthony has been married to his wife, Sayira, for 9 years. They have 4 young daughters and became members of Crossway in 2016. They have served in SOLA alongside the Donaldsons since 2017. Anthony has worked in the HVAC industry for over 10 years, and now owns and operates his own business, AB Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC.