We call our youth ministry “Doxa” which is a Greek word that means “glory.” It is our desire to see young people strive towards the chief end of glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. At the center of glorifying God is trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation. Each time we get together for a corporate meeting, discussion groups, a fun activity, or service project, the Gospel is at the center of our teaching and mission.

Crossway Church is deeply committed to the view that parents play the primary role in the spiritual upbringing of their sons and daughters. We believe this responsibility does not stop with childhood, but continues as they become teenagers. Doxa is designed to assist parents as they help their teens navigate these critical years of their lives. The focus of Doxa is to see our teens grow in their appetite to follow Jesus and teach them about the deep truths of the Christian faith. To achieve this our parents play an active role.

Doxa is open to all youth in 7th to 12th grade and their parents. We meet an average of 3-4 times a month on Saturday or Sunday Nights at 6pm. Monthly corporate meetings form the backbone of our schedule which is punctuated by events like our Kickoff Party, Reformation Party, Winter Lock-In and Senior Send-Off. See our calendar for upcoming meetings.

Youth Camp

Once a year, in June, we host a 4-day Youth Camp event, which is also attended by 8-10 other churches. Youth Camp provides a fabulous opportunity for our youth to grow as they experience biblical preaching, provoking discussion groups, memory making activities (like our one-of-a-kind Carnival) and camping on our very own 76-acre property! Watch the 2021 Youth Camp video here!

Quay Hanna

Director of Parent & Youth Ministry (DOXA)

Quay has been married to his wife, Shannon, for 17 years. They have 4 children and have been members of Crossway for over 10 years. Quay has served as a Caregroup leader and many other roles in the church, and he has been Director of DOXA since June 2017. In addition to his part-time role at the church, Quay has been a public speaker on race relations for over 20 years.

If you are interested in finding out more about Doxa, contact our Director of Youth Ministry, Quay Hanna, at

DOXA Calendar of Events
May 2022 Events
  • May 8 – Mothers’ Day

  • May 15 – Senior Lunch and event (time and place TBD)

  • May 22 – Senior Send-off at Crossway Church 7:00-9:00 pm

June 2022 Events
  • June 22-25 – Crossway Youth Camp

July 2022 Events
  • July 16-23 – Boston E-Team

DOXA Resources
2021-2022 Messages

“Lies My Culture Tells Me” Series:

  • 9/26 – “Influencers”
  • 10/10 – “You Do You”
  • 11/14 – “Speak Your Truth”
  • 1/16 – “My Body My Choice”
  • 2/27 – “Good Luck”
  • 3/27 – “FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)”
  • 4/10 – “That’s Just the Way I Am”
2020-2021 Messages
  • 9/27 – “Defending and Contending for the Faith”

“Lies My Culture Tells Me” Series:

  • 10/11 – “You Must Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others”
  • 10/25 – “Believe in Yourself. You Can Do Anything You Want”
  • 11/8 – “You’re Perfect Just the Way You Are”
  • 11/22 – “Love is Love”
  • 12/13 – “Black Lives Matter”
  • 2/28 – “Science is Real”
  • 3/14 – “The Wrong Side of History”
  • 3/28 – “Cancel Culture”