Our Polity

Local Church Government

Crossway Church is elder led and governed. In the New Testament we see that God raises up elders to lead, care for and protect his church. At Crossway, our elders are all full-time, vocational pastors. That means that they can dedicate their full efforts to caring for and leading the church.

In addition, the New Testament identifies the office of deacon as esteemed servants in the church. The deacon is an office of service, not of government. Deacons serve the church by facilitating our care for one another through benevolence and mercy ministry. They may also serve in other areas as needs arise.

Extra-Local Partnership

Crossway Church is a member of Trinity Fellowship Churches which is structured and governed with a Presbyterian form. This partnership provides for accountability, care, fellowship, and shared mission opportunities. Our Confession of Faith is based upon the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession and guides the doctrine of all Trinity Fellowship churches. The judiciary system helps to protect our members, pastors and churches by providing for accountability and a means of appeal in cases of church discipline or doctrinal deviation.

Most importantly, we work together with other Trinity Fellowship churches in the spread of the gospel. We do this primarily through church planting, but also through coming together for training and encouragement at conferences and other events.

Polity Documents

You can find out more about our polity in the following documents:

Book of Church Order of Trinity Fellowship Churches

Crossway Church Member Handbook